1.  Fort William Historical Park Winter Carnival – February 15-16-17.

Gran Sasso Club will have a booth at the Fort William Historical Park’s Winter Carnival http://fwhp.ca/. A variety of food will be available along with coffee, hot chocolate, water, and soft drinks.

Come and enjoy and/or participate in the events F.W.H.P. has scheduled; the weather is forecast to be ideal for a winter carnival.


3. Staal Foundation Open PGA Canada - July 17 – July 20.

Gran Sasso Club will be at Whitewater Golf Course during the tournament from July 17 to July 20.  Stop by and try our various menu items especially our signature offerings…  Porchetta on a bun & Lamb kabobs.


2.  Festa Italiana - August 3rd and 4th.
The event is celebrating its 25th anniversary on Sunday August 3rd & Monday August 4th. Come and experience our Italian culture at itʼs very best through a variety of music, dance & food.